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Welcome to the website of St. Timothy's Anglican Church. Thanks for stopping by to visit. My name is Mike Carr, and I am the Vicar of St. Timothy's. You might think, "What is a Vicar?" A Vicar is a minister who stands in the place of someone else. A Vicar is a minister who has been given a stewardship or something to care for. In the case of St, Tim's, we are a mission parish. This means that we are not yet a self-supporting church. Our church is under the direct care of the Bishop of the Diocese; in our case, he is the Right Reverend Charles Gillin. Since the Bishop cannot be everywhere at once, he charges ministers to care for the spiritual oversight of the congregation as Vicars in his absence. And so, St. Timothy's is such a congregation of God's people.
Another question, you might have, would be, "What is an Anglican Church?" An Anglican church is a congregation that finds its origin in that branch of Christ's church known as the Church of England. The Church of England traces its founding to the near end of the first century. It is certainly an old branch of the universal church. However, because the Church of England had been unfaithful to the Scriptures, some Anglicans found it necessary to remove themselves from that fellowship in 1874. We are of this group and so became the Reformed Episcopal Church. As the Reformed Episcopal Church, we are biblical, evangelical, Anglican, and reformed in doctrine; our church government is episcopal, that is, we are led and guided to obedience of the Scriptures by Bishops. Nonetheless, we are a church, built upon the foundation of the Apostles, their writings, with Christ Jesus Himself as our Chief Cornerstone. 
We invite you to worship with us in order to experience a taste of the Ancient-Modern Anglican Church. 
                                              - The Reverend Michael Carr, Sr., Vicar of St. Timothy's Anglican Church+


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